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Chiringuitos del Sol instala taquillas solares en la Playa de La Glea de Campoamor ( Spanish )

Chiringuitos del Sol instala taquillas solares en la Playa de La Glea de Campoamor Alquilar taquillas solares en la playa, durante todo el día, ahora es posible en Campoamor. Las empresas Chiringuitos del Sol y Mobile Locker, junto con el apoyo del Ayuntamiento de Orihuela, instalan este sistema, pionero en el mundo, para garantizar la seguridad y tranquilidad de los turistas que visiten la Playa de La Glea. Hasta la llegada de las taquillas solares, instaladas por Chiringuitos del Sol y Mobile Locker, pasar el día en la Playa de La Glea (Campoamor, Orihuela) podía ser menos idílico de lo que suele pensarse. La falta de lugares expresamente habilitados para ... Read more

Lockers and wi-fi installed at Campoamor beach (English)

Visitors to Playa de la Glea Beach at Campoamor, Orihuela Costa, can now benefit from public lockers to store their personal items. The initiative has been devised by the town hall in a bid to reduce incidents of theft and losses on local beaches, and use of the facilities costs just €5 per day. Each locker is equipped with an information screen, that displays the instructions in various languages. Payment of the €5 fee may be made by credit card or in cash, and the locker will provide the user with a printed bar code, which can later be scanned to re-open it. The service also permits the user to ... Read more


Not only can the beaches of the Orihuela Costa boast some of the best quality service standards in the area, with quality accreditations aplenty, they are also home to some of the most innovative developments in the world. Already this year the beach of Playa la Glea has taken delivery of what may have looked like a simple oversized white box, but when it opened, it revealed itself to be one of the most secure beach locker units there is. In fact, according to the company trialling the lockers, it is the only unit in the world in the configuration on the coast of Orihuela. For the cost of just 5 ... Read more
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