BEACH lockers – SKI Lockers

Our fully automated off-grid unit for beaches or ski resorts

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INDOOR city / shop lockers 

Fixed installations for airports, subways, cities and any other place where there is a need for hi-tech lockers.


Festival Lockers

Temporary installations for festivals, fully automated, no queuing, and compatible with modern contacless bracelet technology.

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About our company
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Sustainable and green energy. 

Tested and approved

Before our hi-tech lockers go into production they have been thoroughly tested in any environment where they need to perform. We take great pride in our product which has been thoroughly tested and approved before production. Because of our premium quality and strict procedures we are sure of our quality and service. Our lockers units can be installed in extreme climatological situations.

We design and produce all of our products in the EU. This allows us to guarantee premium quality and the best service for our partners and sustain a short supply line. Sustainable in quality but also in appliance. We care about the environment:  our lockers can be outfitted with solar panels ( off grid ) which takes lockers design and usage into the 21st century.

Lockers reinvented
Keeping our edge
We do not sit on our hands in a market that is continuous evolving. where technology enables us to keep going further, new technologies that gives us new opportunities, this continous innovation is our strengt. Our lockers evolve with the latest in innovation. The latest trends in payment systems ( apple, google, NFC … ) and key-systems ( QR, mifare, RFID etc ) can be used with our system. Moreover are our units compatible with any other automatic device.

Loyal partner
Positive dynamics 
We have attained a sustainable growth.

By starting small, trial and error, we were able to produce a very solid and reliable product. We do not wish to just sell lockers. Our goal is to be the reference in our sector. We offer a sustainable relationship with our clients. Our goal is a long term relationship that allows us to grow together with our clients. We intend to develop and become a true and genuine global brand.


Endless possibilities
Together we develop your lockers

Whatever your wishes are everything is possible!  Together we look at your project and what your technological requirements are. For each client we make a system that has a personal, custom made look and feel. Almost everything is possible and discussable. Because we produce and design our products ourselves we can adapt & innovate quickly.  Durability, flexibility and the wide range of key-systems makes our lockers unique.

Together we make a profit.
Use our system to generate a high income and create a profitable business

Are you the owner of a great location, at the coast or somewhere at a ski resort or any location where you think there is a great need for our product? Don´t hesitate and contact us today to discuss all the possibilities to make your project a big success. We can help you with licences, marketing, business plans, technical aid, service and so much more.

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What do we do?
Mobile Lockers, your hi-tech solution

Mobile Locker is a company that invented a fully automated off-grid locker system which can be used in numerous applications all around the world.
Wherever our lockers are installed, you can safely, commute, swim, ski or do any other sport or leisure activity, carefree. The system allows you to access your purchased or acquired locker all day long and enjoy a high speed WIFI in the vicinity of the unit.
The unit is custom made of high grade materials, controlled by user friendly software and powered by green energy.

Fully automated
Sytem control from any place in the world
Premium quality
Completely Off-grid
Accepts all bank cards
Easy to use
Produced in EU
High after sales service
Internet of things compatible
API ready
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Our clients